Sale dates for 2014

If you need more information, contact or call (864) 846-8300.

Outlet Center Info:

Welcome to All About Fabrics, our one stop shop for all your fabric and sewing needs where shopping at our fabric store in Williamston, SC is always an adventure. You will walk into a fabric shopper’s paradise as you enter and meet other fellow fabric shoppers, decorators, special event planners, small manufacturers, and hundreds of other people from around the world.

We can always tell a new customer by the “amazed look”. The first step is to pick up a shopping cart and start in the Trim and Notions area. This area has more than 250,000 yards of more than 20 different types of trims and notions along with our wide selection of curtain tie backs and chair ties. Then walk into room number 2 and start with the rolls. Don’t be shy to grab the whole roll and put it into your shopping cart. If you don’t, the next person will. As you keep shopping, you will walk into room number 3. This is where we keep a lot of the warehouse specials and all the remnant fabrics. In the remnant area, you will see more than 25,000 yards and every type of fabric you could think of with many of the remnants being sold by the pound for $2.00-$4.50 per pound, which equates your cost to as low as $0.50-$3.00 per yard. If you fill up your shopping cart, bring it to the first room and grab another shopping cart or pick up one of our rolling buggies. When you check out, tell one of our cutters how many yards you would like on each roll as we will cut any roll in one yard increments or for the best savings, buy the whole roll. If you buy more than you can take back or if you come in a group, we will gladly ship your fabrics the Tuesday after each sale under our discounted Federal Express or USPS account.

All About Fabrics opens its Williamston, SC fabric store doors for 3 days every month to the public and small businesses with no minimum to buy. If you have a business and are able to purchase more than 200 yards at a time, you can also purchase through Phoenix of Anderson with an appointment, give us a call at 864-846-8200 or send us an Email for more information.

When you have the quantities and selection of fabrics and trimmings that we have, it’s hard not to find something for everyone and every business. It’s usually never a case of do we have what you’re looking for, it’s deciding which color and type of fabric you prefer. During the open house days, we have no minimum and will cut the yardage you need for your project. As for prices, you never have to worry as most of our fabrics and trimmings are priced from $1.00 to $6.50 per yard. You can always browse through our remnant section with more than 25,000 yards at prices starting as low as $0.50 per yard.

If you cannot find what you’re looking for in our fabric store, ask any of our employees who are always there to help. We make you, our customer, our number one priority. We always greatly appreciate your business and look forward to making you one of our monthly customers who looks forward to this shopping extravaganza.

With more than 1 MILLION yards of fabric and trimmings under 1 roof, you are sure there will be something special for everyone. Don't forget to look at the thousands of finished products from sewing supplies, kitchen items, bedding products, special event items, and much more all at prices 25-75% off regular retail store prices.

Fabric connoisseurs from South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and surrounding areas come to our store for the most dynamic fabrics from around the world. We have the largest selection and lowest prices guaranteed in the United States and customers who make the drive or flight in can take advantage of these low prices and selection. If you find lower prices anywhere or a larger selection, we will buy you lunch and compensate for your gas to drive and see us.